Laserfire Creations

Plaque Designs

Clear Enterprise plaque
Clear Or colored acrylic plaques can be made in any shape, and sized up to 12 x 24.
Colorization of image is also available.
Painted Starfleet logo plaque
Gold-painted Enterprise plaque
Painted Federation logo plaque
Small acrylic base w/design painted onSmall acrylic base w/design painted onSmall acrylic base w/design painted on
C.W. Y-wing plaque
C.W. Star Destroyer plaque
NX class starship plaqueNX Class Starship
Plaques can be painted black,
then etched to allow
backlighting to show through.
Plaques can be backlit or edgelit for a dramatic effect on a stand, or in any display:
Miranda class starship plaque, backlit blueMiranda Class Starship
(although this one is lit unevenly by a single light,
this is the general effect)
B5 plaque, edgelit blue
Aliens backlit plaqueBacklit Aliens plaque for
Pulse Rifle Stand
We have a new kind of LED strip that comes in a wide variety of lengths & colors and can be built into a base
to fit any size plaque.
LED holes and a chaser circuit creates a realistic "shields up" display:
'Shields up' display
click to see the display in action
with the new chaser circuit!
Any ship graphic could be used in this way.
Holes can be sized to accommodate 5mm or 3mm LEDs.
On average, these plaques run $45 for 6 x 10,
$60 for 8 x 14, and $125 for 12 x 24, with an existing design.
As each plaque is unique, please contact us for exact pricing
on your specific design and size.

Metallic silver acrylic Enterprise plaqueMetallic-finish Acrylic plaque
for an Enterprise base
Metallic silver acrylic Apollo 17 plaqueReproduction of the Apollo 17 Plaque left on the Moon
Metallic silver acrylic Apollo 11 LEM plaqueOur reproduction of
the apollo 11 LEM plaque
Clear and painted Launch Complex 34 Memorial plaquesOur reproduction of the Memorial at
Launch Complex 34
Close-up of Launch Complex 34 plaque
And the real plaque for comparisonThe real Apollo 11 plaque mounted on LEM
Plaques made from two-colored acrylic
Phaser Rifle display signSign for display with Phaser Rifle model
Special plaque made for a servicemanCommemorative plaque for a serviceman
Planet picture w/clear engraved acrylic overlayEngraved overlay edgelitPlaque designed to lay over a picture and be edgelit
Backlit planet plaqueA backlit plaque cut from the picture at left
Edgelit sign offEdgelit sign lit pink
Edgelit sign lit purpleEdgelit sign lit blueEdgelit sign lit greenEdgelit sign lit yellowEdgelit sign whiteEdgelit sign lit red

Please check back often as we're always making exciting new designs!