Standing (in order as their faces appear): Nathan Deveaux, Ken Brennan, Cal Dowling, Scott Scariot,Vernon Clark, Andrew Clark, Aaron Clark, ?, SueAnne Merrill, Brad Guy, Robb Merrill, Daniel Holmes, Tyler ?, Matt Jacobson, Paul Heaberlin, Vince Hoffmann, Becky Hoffmann, Matt Davis, Peter Fay, Stephen Kundrat, B. P. Taylor, Phil Smith, Emily Taylor.
Sitting: James Fulkerson, Mark Yungblut, Tom Roylance, David Guertin, Terry Miesle, Erin Lantz, Patrick Tomlinson, Jim Botaitis, John Lester.
Used the names off Facebook--if anyone can fix my ?s, let me know! But, hey, now I know lots more people's names, and I might even remember them next year! :)
Look where he's lookin'.....
I think a lot of these smaller sci/fi and fantasy figures kinda get overlooked, all crowded on the table one in front of the other. Lots of them are really good, but the judges only seem to notice the big stuff, like they can't get a really good look at the small stuff. Shame the light in the room is all yellow. Can't get a decent picture of anything, either.
Yes, I know this one's controversial, but I had the pictures done already, and it's still cool to look at, but I do agree it shouldn't have been there.
Chatting with some very funny people--Larry Blamire and Jennifer Blaire.